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Marketing Platform

    Marketing Database: Collect comprehensive customer data

    The marketing database as we know it is gone.  A marketers’ database is no longer about data capture for analysis and segmentation purposes, it has evolved.  The new marketing database is about individuals and the actions they are taking every day, and it’s about recognizing and acting on their behaviors to create positive customer experiences.  IBM Marketing Cloud’s Marketing Database gives marketers the ability to finally start building customer relationships one customer at a time - at scale.  

    Universal Behaviors: Understand and act on buyer behaviors

    Your buyers are more connected than ever, and interacting “in the moment” is critical if you want to be able to capture their attention.  Universal behaviors gives you access to a stream of real-time behaviors that you can easily understand and instantly integrate into highly relevant individualized campaigns. 

    Interaction Engine: Automate individualized messages

    Think about if you only had one customer. And imagine if you could cater your brand experience to that specific individual.  Now imagine doing that at scale, with hundreds, thousands or millions of customers.  That is the power of IBM Marketing Cloud’s automated interaction engine – built to act on data that is driven by your marketing and business rules.

    Data is great, but it is what you do with that data that really matters.  In today’s data driven world marketers are being pressured to collect more data and understand that data more than ever before. With IBM Marketing Cloud's interaction engine, marketers can now leverage massive amounts of collected data to deliver highly personalized interactions, at scale, that improve the overall buying experience and drive revenue. 

    Multi-Channel: Right place, right time

    Being everywhere your customers are and communicating with them on their terms has never been more important.  Marketers must understand that each customer is different, not only in their product likes and dislikes but also in the way they choose to consume marketing messages. 

    IBM Marketing Cloud’s multi-channel capabilities give marketers the ability to easily connect with customers and prospects in their preferred channel.  

    Single Identity: Deliver a consistent, relevant user experience

    IBM Marketing Cloud has given marketers the tools to capture mass amounts of data about every unique customer and prospect.  This data leads to the creation of a unique single identity for each unique individual.  Creating and leveraging this single identity leads to a consistent digital experience reflecting declared and inferred preferences based on behaviors across channels.

    IBM Marketing Cloud's database not only helps you store every identity, handle, address and ID for each individual customer, it automatically helps you consolidate all the information into a single contact record ensuring that everything you understand about a customer lives in a single place.  This aids in driving a more personalized experience for customers but also provides extremely valuable data to you and your sales team about each individual interacting with your brand.


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