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Lead Nurturing: Drive Revenue by Nurturing Leads into Opportunities

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Not all prospects are immediately ready to buy. But when they are ready, you want to make sure your brand is top of mind. By utilizing IBM Marketing Cloud's lead-nurturing capabilities, you can enable prospects to learn and interact at their own pace, while guiding engaged prospects successfully through your sales funnel—educating them about your product and company. IBM Marketing Cloud's lead nurturing is backed by a world-class email automation system. At the end of the day, if your nurture emails aren’t getting to the inbox, your efforts are wasted.

Utilize IBM Marketing Cloud's Lead Nurturing, so you can:

  • Execute automated lead-nurturing campaigns with multi-touch communications
  • Automatically score leads based on user-defined criteria and route qualified leads to sales
  • Raise revenue opportunity by warming previously unused marketing leads
  • Increase closed deals by allowing sales to focus solely on qualified leads
  • Expand the lifetime value of customers by offering additional products or services via ongoing communications
  • Track and analyze results by tying sales directly back to lead-nurturing campaigns, which generates demand

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