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Lead Management: Create Profitable Alignment Between Marketing and Sales

Ready to see profits go faster? IBM Marketing Cloud’s proven-to-sale methodology, Engage Lead Management, helps you move your prospects even quicker through the buying cycle—gaining efficient and relevant information, prompting successful responses. After prospects are qualified as ready-to-buy, they are routed to sales, allowing representatives to focus their time on prime targets. Ultimately, leading you towards better close rates and improved revenue growth. Be able to tie the loop between marketing and sales to make your efforts even more effective.


IBM Markeitng Cloud’s Lead-Management features include:

  • Flexible Lead ScoringBy strategically scoring leads based on criteria such as Budget, Authority, Need and Timeline (BANT), and demographics like state, company size, or revenue—you can segment and define your ideal buyer. Easily create a lead scoring model to best match your unique criteria of prospects.
  • Easily Identifiable Lead RankingApply labels to your lead scores and help your sales team identify which leads are highly qualified. Find out what demands your prospects’ attention by focusing only on highly qualified leads.
  • Automated Lead RoutingEnable your sales team to focus its time and energy on leads that are ready-to-buy your products and services. Automatically route marketing-qualified leads based on scores or ranks, and eliminate the lead-distribution bottleneck that occurs with manual processing.
  • Easy IntegrationEngage Lead-Management easily integrates with your CRM system to completely automate the lead-to-sale process.
  • Automated AlertsAutomatically trigger messages to your sales' email inbox when a lead turns sales ready.
  • Greater VisibilityObtain complete transparency into the sales readiness of your prospects. With Silverpop’s On-Demand Reporting, be ready to make fully informed, strategic decisions. Know where to place emphasis, or make improvements in the lead-management process.

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