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IBM Marketing Cloud's Marketing Automation Programs: Users have access to a visual campaign tool that makes it easy to create marketing programs ranging from simple drip campaigns to those with complex, multiple touch points.

Drag-and-drop Program builder: Easy to use drag and drop builder makes it very convenient for marketers to build sophisticated campaigns.

Decision Diamond Logic: Marketers can use rules and logic to route their audience to different tracks based on their behaviors.

Send Time Optimization for Programs: Marketers can now use Send Time Optimization in their Programs to send messages at the exact time of day and day of the week that their customers are most likely to be in their inboxes, based on prior behavior.

Lead Routes – Program Action: Set up a lead route action that notifies you as contacts meet certain criteria or reach a specific step in your program workflow.

Lead Step – Tele-sales: Add a Tele-sales step to your program workflow so you can forward contacts directly to your call center.

Lead Step – Direct Mail: Add a Direct Mail step to your program workflow so you can send contacts directly to your mail house.

Centralized Scoring: IBM Marketing Cloud’s Contact Scoring provides a method to rate contacts based on criteria such as Budget, Authority, Need and Timeline (BANT), demographics like company size and revenue size, and behaviors like website visits or email message interaction

Multiple Scoring Models: Users can now create multiple scoring models to segment based on different product lines, geographies, behaviors or loyalty levels from within the same database.

Contact Insight: Contact Insight is the (SFDC) feature that syncs with the Marketing Cloud to provide you with a summary view of the sales readiness of potential leads and contacts. A Contact Insight user can now view a list of historical Mailings and Web Tracked Events for a Contact and know exactly their behavior patterns and actions.

Query: If you want to deliver relevant content to customers and prospects, dividing your contact database into segments is one of the best ways to accomplish this. You can use behavioral, profile, preference data and more to query and narrow down your target audience. Integrating IBM Marketing Cloud queries with your marketing strategies will enable you to deliver highly engaging, personalized content geared toward specific audiences, thereby increasing conversions.

Revenue Reporting: users can use our revenue reporting dashboard to see which lead sources and marketing campaigns are the most successful.

Programs Reporting: See detailed performance metrics for each step and track of your marketing program.


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