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Silverpop for Microsoft Dynamics CRM brings together two market-leading solutions and provides marketers seamlessly integrated, point and click tools that synchronize CRM data and email marketing activity. This increases the relevance of marketing programs, provides Microsoft Dynamics CRM users with visibility into marketing activities to inform sales strategy and empowers users to deliver more impactful marketing communication options.  

With Silverpop for Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration marketers benefit from:

  • Avoiding the cost and inefficiencies of maintaining two separate contact databases
  • Reducing the impact of duplication of contacts and other data errors during manual synching processes
  • Informing your sales teams offering insight into the marketing activities that prospects and customers are engaged in
  • Empowering sales and customer support personnel to be able to communicate directly with contacts with one-off or a series of personal communications based on configurable business rules
  • Establishing organizationally configured processes for the synching of lead and contact data between the two systems according to automated business logic

Specific features of the integration include:

  • Bringing lead and contact data from Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Engage to be used in segmentation, targeting and reporting
  • Synching new leads from Engage to Microsoft Dynamics CRM based on scores or ranks ensuring that your sales personnel are only working with those leads who are showing strong buying signals
  • A contact insight pane inside of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to offer clear visibility into marketing activities that the lead or contact is engaging in, including emails sent, opened, web pages visited, collateral downloads, form submissions and programs actively engaged in
  • The ability for CRM users to personalize and send marketing approved messages directly from within Microsoft Dynamics CRM. These messages are tracked and leverage Silverpop's superior deliverability expertise

If you are an existing Silverpop customer and are interested in getting more details on Silverpop for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, please contact your relationship manager.


About Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics is a line of familiar, adaptable enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions designed to work like and with familiar Microsoft software-easing adoption and reducing the risks in implementing a new solution. These solutions automate and streamline financial, business intelligence, and supply chain processes in a way that can help you drive business success.


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Required Software
  • Silverpop Engage
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 or 2013
Additional Information

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