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IBM Marketing Cloud's Baynote App enables you to create personalized shopping experiences that increase conversions. Available in both promotional and transactional messaging, the Baynote App allows you to insert product recommendations and other content into email messages based on site activity, purchase history, or other attributes.  

Here's how it works:

  1. As each shopper browses, adds to cart, or buys on your site, Baynote observers their actions
  2. Baynote infers which accessories or other products are most likely to interest your customers
  3. The IBM Marketing Cloud's Baynote App automatically personalizes your emails with relevant products, offers and content

With the Baynote App, marketers have seen increases of more than 60% in their engagement and conversion rates.

For example, you can use the IBM Market Cloud's Baynote App to:

  1. Include recommended products in purchase confirmation emails
  2. Increase click-through rates on promotional emails by including personalized content
  3. Run marketing campaigns to re-engage with recent website visitors

IBM Marketing Cloud customers can integrate Baynote with the platform in moments and without IT involvement. If you are an existing Marketing Cloud customer and would like to add the Baynote app to your account, please contact your relationship manager.


About Baynote

Baynote is a leading provider of personalized customer experience solutions for multi-channel retailers. Using Baynote’s patented approach, retailers are able to understand buyer intent “in the moment” across the shopping experience to deliver compelling offers, content and product recommendations that increase engagement, conversion and average order value. Baynote quickly integrates with existing websites, onsite search, chat or email systems to increase ROI without deep IT involvement or expensive system upgrades. Based in San Jose, Calif., with offices in the U.K. and Germany, Baynote’s personalization solutions are trusted by more than 300 of the world’s most well-known brands.


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Content Optimization; Personalization
Included with Engage license as part of Real Time Content (RTC)
Required Software
  • Silverpop Engage
  • Baynote product license
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