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With IBM Marketing Cloud and Adobe Analytics you can target prospects and customers precisely and effectively at every stage in the lifecycle. The two-way integration - bringing mailing metrics into Adobe Analytics to provide insight into marketing activities, and website analytics data back into IBM Marketing Cloud - allows you to get the right message, to the right person at the right time. Ask any experienced marketer and they'll tell you that abandon cart or basket campaigns along with other automated campaigns that combine web activity into the message, can drive some of the single highest ROI returns of all automated campaigns. The combination of tailored messages with relevant content and personalized offers can augment existing campaigns and have a significant impact on your revenue. The recognition that repeat or return customers to your website produce more than 40% of revenue, yet only account for about 8% of traffic illustrates the point that you need to prospects and customers intelligently. With Adobe Analytics and IBM Marketing Cloud you can and getting started is easier than you think.  

With Adobe Analytics and IBM Marketing Cloud you can:

  • Stand out from the crowded inbox with messaging tailored to their specific preferences or observed behaviors
  • Improve conversion rates across the board by retargeting visitors who are most likely to convert
  • Target specific groups of customers based on their web activity - for example, influencing repeat purchases from those one time buyers
  • Turn prospects into lifetimes customers by engaging from first click and measuring behavior over time
  • Automate other highly relevant email campaigns based on user activity on your website, such as product views, products purchased, form abandonment, file downloads and other custom events

Specific components of the Adobe Analytics integration include:

  • Customized configuration specific to your organizational needs
  • Query logic assistance that will help your abandon cart or other retargeting communications
  • IBM Marketing Cloud mailing metrics access within Adobe Analytics providing a true 360-degree view of message performance

If you would like to find out more about the Adobe Analytics integration, please contact your relationship manager.


About Adobe

Adobe Marketing Cloud gives you a complete set of analytics, social, advertising, targeting and web experience management solutions and a real-time dashboard that brings together everything you need to know about your marketing campaigns. So you can get from data to insights to action, faster and smarter than ever.


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Required Software
  • IBM Marketing Cloud
  • Adobe Analytics license
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