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Reporting & Marketing Analytics: Improve Results with Real-time, Customizable Reports

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Staying relevant and personalized with your customers and prospects is critical. You want to be able to customize and examine data quickly, making sure your campaigns are effective and successful. Customizable reports allow you to optimize campaigns and prove ROI.

With IBM Marketing Cloud, utilize reporting and marketing analytics tools that enable you to:

  • Identify and Engage Customer Segments With Marketing Analytics— IBM Marketing Cloud makes it easy for marketers to overlay mailing metrics with customer attributes in easy-to-use analytics reports, helping you to quickly identify high-and low-performing customer segments across campaigns.
  • Customize Reports to Your Liking and Share Them With Others— Wouldn't it be nice to view reporting results and track email marketing and other campaign efforts in a format that's meaningful to you and your business? With IBM Marketing Cloud, you can interact with reports, tailoring them to display the format and metrics that best fit your preferences and business requirements. Charts, tables and individual data points can be customized, saved and easily distributed to others in your organization.
  • Spend Less Time Crunching Data and More Time Acting On It—Quickly make sense of the data behind your campaigns using Silverpop’s Marketing Reporting tools. Easily identify important trends and anomalies to improve the relevance and effectiveness of your marketing efforts. And, if you really love data as much as we do, you can conveniently access and export all the data your heart desires.

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