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Multichannel Messaging: Integrated Marketing Communications & Delivery

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Communicate with Prospects on Their Own Terms With Mobile, Social Media and Email

Finding it difficult to connect? In today’s clutter, it’s even tougher to get through all the channels in order reach your customers and prospects. But with IBM Marketing Cloud, we make it easier for you to connect. From email, SMS, social media, RSS, landing pages and more—our platform ensures that all customer touch points are integrated to convey a consistent and personalized experience. Offering a full suite of best-in-class integrated marketing software, the IBM Marketing Cloud platform supplies the critical components needed to create a successful multichannel marketing campaign and delivery strategy that connects strongly with your customers.

Social Media
Unlock a whole new range of possibilities for viral marketing by tapping into the power of social media marketing, with Share-to-Social. When you include this capability in your emails or landing pages, your customers can share your content on social networks like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and Twitter. Ultimately, exposing your offer and your brand along with their recommendation to millions of users. Track how successful these campaigns are by spreading your message and quickly identify influencers and brand loyalists among your customer base. By combining the targeting and metrics of email with the reach of social networks, channel marketing software allows you to engage customers like never before.

The more you get to know about your customers and prospects, the better you can offer them the products and services they want. Our survey module, a simple-to-use creation tool, allows you to create and send surveys—and track responses in real time. Gain more power and gather actionable data that can improve marketing relevance, turning prospects into sales-ready leads.

Landing Pages and Web Forms
Relevant, campaign-specific pages and custom Web forms can go a long way towards improving campaign results and boosting the ROI of your online marketing program. Landing Pages allows online marketers of any technical skill level to easily create and manage personalized landing pages, microsites and Web forms to heighten campaign impact and deliver results.

For marketers seeking the ability to engage with customers when they're most likely to be receptive to upsell and cross-sell offers, transactional emails and messaging is the answer. Transact offers the benefits of full tracking, in-depth reporting, enhanced message deliverability and more with little to no upheaval to existing technical systems or message creation processes. And it enables you to exert control over branding and other marketing elements in any message triggered from any system across the enterprise.

Don't hassle with coordinating setup across multiple aggregators or application service providers to implement your mobile campaigns.

We've done the work for you. Our SMS solution is a powerful yet simple-to-use text messaging solution that enables marketers to easily compose, send and track mobile marketing campaigns within our products.

Automate Your Multichannel Marketing Campaigns
Simplify the configuration of high-touch, high-impact marketing campaigns utilizing IBM Marketing Cloud. So you can reach out to customers and prospects—with the right messages, at the right time. By automating your campaigns, you'll have access to real-time engagement metrics, allowing you to conveniently adjust your campaigns and maximize your marketing efforts.


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