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Behavioral Database:
Behavior, Data and List Management

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Data is only as good as what you do with it. And you can do even more with IBM Marketing Cloud. Our Behavior, Data and List Management tools make it easy for you to analyze and leverage your recipient, prospect or customer contact data—and act on it. Create, upload, and segment lists on-demand—even the most advanced features can be accessed through our application without the need for technical resources or IT support. Utilizing IBM Marketing Cloud means no extra fees, no waiting on a data administrator, or list manager to return your calls to get your most sophisticated marketing programs out the door and creating revenue.

IBM Marketing Cloud’s Behavior, Data and List Management Features Include:

  • Hyper-Personalization via Relational Tables—With a relational tables feature, you can build deep customer profiles for every contact on your list. Use relational tables to link a contact record with the customer's entire purchase history, Web analytics activity, or lead activity.
  • Behavior-Based Queries—Our easy-to-use query builder, enables you to target and segment based on prior behavior such as opens, clicks, clicks on a specific link, bounces, and even non-activity.  What’s more, you can quickly analyze and segment your lists without having to learn complex code.  
  • Send Time Optimization—Take the guesswork out of your delivery process. Our Send Time Optimization feature allows you to deliver each message at a precise time, across multiple time zones. Gain affirmation, knowing your messages will successfully be in their designated inbox. 
  • Ease of Data Use—Conveniently re-use lists from mailing to mailing and customize or repurpose field names as you see fit. With Silverpop, you can import up to 400 unique user-defined fields in a variety of formats such as CSV, TSV, or PSV. You can even re-use bad email addresses, and automatically get rid of redundant records. Add additional recipients to a list or update fields at any time, manually, or from external data sources.
  • List-Level IP Assignment—Use multiple IP addresses and easily select a different sending IP address for each mailing. Relationship or transactional emails can be separated from promotional messages. Agencies can efficiently manage multiple clients within a single organization, while providing each client with their own unique IP address.
  • Automated Segment Creation—Our automated segment creation tools make testing quick and easy. Efficiently break your list into equal parts or random subsets, and successfully test messages across multiple audiences. Utilizing Silverpop’s automated segment feature, will help take the guesswork out of creating effective and relevant email communications.
  • Multiple Suppression Lists—Want total control over suppression activities? With IBM Marketing Cloud, you can gain maximum security for your suppression list. If you’re working in a multidivisional organization, we can help you to perform one send for two business units with separate suppression lists. Suppress against both lists simultaneously without having to merge the two into a new list—offering you complete flexibility and control. IBM Marketing Cloud supports MD5 suppression list encryption for suppression list import, list additions, and list export.
  • Lists—Users can work with an unlimited number of recipient lists, each containing a unique set of up to 400 customizable data fields.

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