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Landing Pages, Microsites & Web Forms: IBM Marketing Cloud provides users point-and-click access to create relevant, campaign-specific pages and custom web forms, directly within the platform and without the assistance of IT.  Easily build campaign specific landing pages to drive conversions and ROI.

Drag-and-Drop Web Form Builder: Using the intuitive drag-and-drop form builder, users can easily create web forms that maximize data capture with features such as standard and custom validation controls, custom form confirmation, and localization for modifying forms in most languages. In addition, users can prepopulate forms with list data to easily create recipient preference centers.

Progressive Web Forms: Reduce form abandonment and build out a contact’s profile over time with progressive web forms. These forms show different questions each time that person visits your website or landing page so you can gradually collect user information.

Snooze: Reduce opt-out rates by giving email recipients the option to temporarily stop receiving email communications from you instead of unsubscribing. With Snooze, recipients can select how long they want to take an email break from a menu or set time you define, once the time period is up, communications will continue.

Custom Web Tracking: With custom web-tracking event behaviors, you can monitor how contacts interact with you online using calculators, live chats, social buttons and more. Use these custom web- tracking event behaviors to move a contact into a marketing program or as part of your behavioral scoring model.

Personalized URLs (PURLs): One of the most effective personalization tools for tracking online responses from offline campaigns—such as direct mail—is Personalized URLs (PURLs). A PURL is a web address that is unique to each recipient.

Share-to-Social: Easily share email marketing messages on social networking sites and produce detailed reports on the results. IBM Marketing Cloud allows you unlock a whole new range of possibilities for viral marketing that can make your marketing message more effective than ever.

Publish-to-Social: IBM Marketing Cloud’s Publish-to-Social feature allows customers to post or schedule posts, via IBM Marketing Cloud, to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and/or RSS feeds that coincide with their email sends.

Social Sign-In: IBM Marketing Cloud’s Social Sign-In offers a simple alternative to Web form completion. By allowing site visitors to register for online offers by signing in with their existing social network accounts, the process is simplified and conversions increase.

Forward to a Friend: A sender can easily insert a link to a forward-to-a-friend web page or include a forward-to-a-friend form in the message body. Forward-to-a-friend enables viral marketing campaigns, and ensures that messages delivered to forwarded customers are optimized for that new recipient. IBM Marketing Cloud also offers valuable tracking statistics on forwarded messages.

Automated A/B Testing: Test up to 4 email “Subject Lines” or “From Names” to see which one performs best and automatically send the winner to the remainder of your contacts.

Transact Mailing: IBM Marketing Cloud's Transact is a dedicated sending architecture specifically designed for the unique needs of transactional or triggered messages such as receipts, notifications, alerts, itineraries, etc. It can be connected to practically any in-house system currently triggering messages.

Personalized Hyperlinks: Users are able to include personalized values to hyperlinks by selecting a column from their list and including it in a URL within the message.

Dynamic Content: Create messages that are relevant and engaging to each customer. Go beyond personalization to deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time. Use the Web- based Editor to easily create dynamic content directly within the body of the message using an intuitive point-and-click interface. Marketers can also test and preview these dynamic content blocks before sending out to their larger audiences.

Send-time Optimization: This unique feature delivers email messages at the exact time of day and day of week that your customers are most likely to be in their inboxes, based on prior behavior.

SMS: IBM Marketing Cloud offers a simple-to-use interface that enables users to easily compose, send and track mobile marketing campaigns all within the platform. And users have access to shared short- or long-code options for a fast, cost-effective way to incorporate SMS marketing.


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