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CoreMotives Web Intelligence

CoreMotives’ Web Intelligence feature allows you to get a complete view of your web presence.

From web searches, Twitter links and Google AdWords campaigns, data flows directly into Microsoft Dynamics CRM in real-time, showing you exactly where your marketing spend is turning into sales opportunities and triggering notifications to the sales team when a prospect begins to exhibit buying signals.

Having visibility into your website interactions gives sales teams the ability to gain critical knowledge on your leads and prospects:

  • Know which contacts and leads are interacting with your site, and what they are viewing
  • Know which companies are viewing your online assets
  • Trigger automated sales follow-up actions when leads meet your Lead Score criteria
  • Track anonymous web visitors, learn when they convert to known contacts, and discover what piece of marketing material prompted them to give their contact information
  • Learn when previously “stalled opportunities” begin to reengage with your company and trigger notifications to sales for follow-up

As a marketer, CoreMotives tells you to which marketing campaigns are working, and which ones are not. CoreMotives’ web intelligence feature enables you to see how much Web traffic your email marketing, social media and banner ad campaigns are driving, and the resulting conversion rate for each campaign. You can also link your Google AdWords campaigns to your Microsoft Dynamics CRM with no coding required so you can have visibility into which search term your contact used to visit your site.

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