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CoreMotives Web Forms: Web Forms Product Features

CoreMotives Web Form

CoreMotives makes capturing lead data an easy, intuitive and seamless process allowing you to quickly create a new web form or enable an existing for to feed directly into your Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

When someone submits a CoreMotives web form, that lead is automatically captured in CRM, checked against existing CRM contacts for duplicates and the sales team is automatically sent a lead notification. In addition to collecting, organizing and storing contact information, CoreMotives’ web forms allow you to automatically segment and drop your leads into specific marketing lists for inclusion in future campaigns.

Personalized Web Forms - Make personalized web forms that fit your campaign design. By personalizing your logo, images, background color, layout, and font, your web forms can look exactly the way you want them to.

Star Ratings - Find out how your customers rate you with our Star Rating feature for instant feedback. By adding a star rating as a field type to any web form, you can capture ratings on a 3, 5, or 10 point scale. CoreMotives offers several different sized and styles to ensure that your rating scale fits your brand and campaign design.
Star Rating Feature - CoreMotivesCAPTCHA - A captcha is a validation test used on web sites to make sure that the data being submitted is actually coming from a human and not a malitious automated bot or script. This feature serves to protest web form data integirty that is entered into your CRM database. Studies have shown that traditional captcha formats has been proven to drastically reduce conversion rates due to the complexity, therefore, CoreMotives has designed a simple and elegant slide function, ensuring a plesant user experience.
Captcha Feature, CoreMotives

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