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CoreMotives Email Marketing

CoreMotives Email Tracking Screenshot

With CoreMotives, it’s simple to start sending professional email marketing campaigns directly from within Microsoft Dynamics CRM and immediately understand the impact of their success.

With built-in sales notifications for when prospects engage with your emails or website, you can now take your email marketing efforts to the next level by knowing more than just open and click-through rates.   With email marketing from CoreMotives you can:

Leverage Email Marketing & Website Activity - CoreMotives combines email marketing and web visitor tracking in a smart and intuitive way. Not only will you know who is interacting with your emails, you will know which web pages they view as a result of your email, giving you full insight into the impact of your campaign, and empowering your sales team to follow-up with those expressing deep interest in a relevant and meaningful way. 

A/B Testing - With CoreMotives, marketers have the ability to test every single element of their email campaigns. From subject line, to copy, imagery and calls to action, CoreMotives will test your two email versions and automatically send the winning creative out to the remainder of your list - allowing you to effectively optimize and improve your marketing campaigns over time - without having to manually reconcile your lists.

CoreMotives AB Testing

Dynamic Content - CoreMotives offers advanced dynamic content capabilities within email messages. This is an extremely powerful and flexible method to communicate with your contacts, allowing you to send highly targeted emails to any marketing list, based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM data. By allowing you to populate the recipient’s email, sales rep, content language, and more based on their Microsoft Dynamics CRM profile, you can make sure that your message is specifically tailored to each of your recipients. 
Dynamic Content with CoreMotives

One-Off Email Tracking - Send tracked one-off emails to contacts or leads with CoreMotives’ Send Tracked Email feature. By leveraging this feature, you can have visibility into when your email was opened, clicked and any web pages viewed as a result of the email. All of this information is tracked and stored in the related Microsoft Dynamics CRM record, equipping your sales team with valuable information for follow-up conversations. Our "MailGun" feature even allows you to send emails through Microsoft Outlook or Gmail and still have all of your data tracked within your CRM database.
Mailgun with CoreMotives

Lead Nurture Campaigns - Engage leads and prospects early in the buying process by building nurture campaigns that can be automatically triggered to provide leads and prospects with a series of emails, designed to educate and inform them, with the ultimate goal of converting them.. Easy-to-build nurture programs allow you to determine when leads need more time before purchasing and keep your leads “warm” by continuing to engage them.

Email Marketing Subscription Center - With our Subscription Center instead of your recipient clicking unsubscribe and globally unsubscribing themselves from all of your lists, let them decide what lists they want to be on and to what frequency they want to be contacted.


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