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Customer Support

Customer Service

Delivering on Your Satisfaction

For IBM Marketing Cloud, ensuring your satisfaction means a 24 x 7 commitment to continuing our exceptional product support. IBM Marketing Cloud provides around the clock support through our online and phone support center, including on-call support for emergencies impacting your business outside these business hours.  IBM Marketing Cloud Support provides our customers invaluable service in multiple ways including:

  • General Product Support
  • Mailing and Automation Questions
  • Product Explanations and Resolutions
  • System Performance Escalation
  • Optional Feature Implementation and Configuration
  • Deliverability and Bounce Resolution
  • Integration and Onboarding Assistance

Every new IBM Marketing Cloud client is contacted and assisted with setup and getting accounts send-ready to ensure you get off to a smooth start. Clients interested in additional assistance with their ramp-up process can acquire help from our industry experienced Professional Services team, which offer more guidance during the first 30 to 90 days.

Should you encounter challenges at any time during your engagement with us, our client support organization will respond quickly to answer your questions and address your concerns. Depend on our team to respond to your needs, whether it’s general support, guide you to Training or getting specific assistance with common issues like Deliverability, we’re here to help.

Learn more about our Support and Training Packages or Contact Us to find out more about how IBM Marketing Cloud can help your organization.


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