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Webbula is the most comprehensive data quality platform on planet Earth, providing real-time hygiene, verification, and data enhancement services. Thousands of diverse customers, from small businesses and non-profits to Fortune 100 companies, are empowered by Webbula data technology. The Webbula CloudHygiene Platform offers a comprehensive approach by bundling hygiene and verification.  While it is imperative to validate if an email is or is not deliverable through verification, it is equally important to recognize many dangerous threats such as Spam Traps, moles, and seeded trackers are in fact deliverable.  These type of deliverable threats require a comprehensive solution like Webbula’s CloudHygiene that incorporates hygiene.

Webbula’s hygiene identifies harmful emails that are deliverable like moles, trackers, disposable domains, and over 189MM+ Spam Traps via our exclusive relationship with the world’s largest Honey Pot purveyor. Our hygiene process classifies these emails as reputation, fraud, delivery, and conversion threats.

While hygiene flags active email threats, Webbula’s verification identifies inactive email threats including bounces, greylistings, typos, and catch-alls. Our verification process classifies these emails as valid, invalid, or unknown and provides a list of corrections.

Webbula’s data enhancement offers append and reverse append technology across 6 actionable categories: demographic, automotive, B2B, political, attributive, and financial. Our deterministic, authoritative, and self-reported data can be applied to your campaign utilizing individual and/or household segmentation.

Make strategic marketing campaign decisions and drive campaign revenue with Webbula.  


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