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LeadFabric is a B2B Marketing agency specialized in Pan-European Demand Generation and Sales Enablement strategy.  

Relying on a full team of experienced Marketing Automation consultants based right in the heart of Europe, LeadFabric works with Sales and Marketing professionals across the region, as well as global organizations selling into the EU. 

Our role is simple: leveraging knowledge, skills and technology to boost revenue, by aligning Marketing and Sales processes to generate more conversions, send more qualified leads to Sales, and at the end of the day, capitalize on more closed-won opportunities. 

While LeadFabric recently joined the Silverpop community, the company has been active in the B2B Marketing Automation space for 5 years, making us an industry pioneer on the continent. The company’s founders both come with more than 10-year experience in B2B Marketing Automation and Sales Enablement.

Consulting services:

- Sales and Marketing alignment workshops
- Marketing Automation advisory services (e.g. Vendor selection, Project and License scoping,…)
- Business Process Reviews- Change Management workshops

Technology services:

- Deployment of Marketing Automation systems and user training
- Managed Services (campaign planning and design, campaign management, system integration, dedicated support)
- Lead Lifecycle Management

Service Coverage and Locations:

  - Enterprise-level: Europe, Middle East and Africa HQ’s of international and US-based companies
- SMB-level: Benelux, DACH and France



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