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Kwanzoo uniquely integrates your display and retargeting campaigns with Silverpop using rich media. Capture leads directly from display ads into Silverpop with in-banner forms, and increase top-of-funnel conversions by 30% or more. Increase media and operational efficiencies by 13-20% from display-based lead generation campaigns.

In the mid-funnel, improve nurture programs using rich media polls across display, web and email channels. Increase response rates and content downloads from Silverpop emails and on Silverpop landing pages.

In the lower-funnel, deliver highly relevant, rich media content and offers to individual buyers and named accounts with Kwanzoo’s persona and account-based marketing solutions.

Kwanzoo integrates with several MAP & CRM systems and is a Google-certified rich media ad platform. Kwanzoo's customers include HP, Box, Paychex, UBM TechWeb, and others.


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