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EmailCiti is the region’s leader in behavioral email marketing with the ability to reach over 20 Million users, who are double opted-in to receive 3rd party communication through us, located across the GCC and MENA region. We focus on direct targeted marketing to defined audiences across various industries.  In terms of technology, EmailCiti uses Silverpop as a lead technology and platform to de-duplicate, segment, target/retarget users. The targeting capabilities are of 3 layers: 1) Demographic, 2) Interest, 3) Behavior. We have 8 major channels of interests which are: Automotive, Business, Lifestyle, Education, Travel/Tourism, Technology, Sports, and Entertainment.

Alongside to email marketing, mobile friendly communication and social media integration, EmailCiti has 1.5 Million double opted-in Newsletter subscribers. Through these electronic magazines, EmailCiti pushes dynamic content to individuals based on their specific interests. EmailCiti employees have certified expertise which aids in building long-term marketing strategies with our clients.


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