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What we do:

  • Strategy, Tactics – Designing, implementing or improving your strategic and tactical plans for driving leads and sales with marketing automation
  • Data – Cleaning, segmenting and appending your prospect databases
  • Content
    • Developing or improving messaging for lead generation, lead nurturing and lead qualification (e.g. email copy, telemarketing scripts
    • Designing and creating landing pages and more-effective lead capture form
    • Creating or improving offers and calls-to-action (e.g. white papers, newsletters, executive briefings, case studies, how-to guides, checklists and webinars)
  • Campaigns – Designing, implementing or improving your campaigns for generating, nurturing, scoring and qualifying leads, and driving sales
  • Systems Integration – Integrating your marketing automation system with your company’s CRM system, corporate databases or marketing vendors (e.g. telemarketing, direct mail and fulfillment)
  • Metrics – Tracking and measuring marketing automation activity, results and ROI


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