Delivering a Better Buyer Experience by Aligning Marketing with, well…Marketing!
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Marketing Automation: Delivering a Better Buyer Experience by Aligning Marketing with, well…Marketing!

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The email marketer, the demand generation manager, the SEO guru, the social media expert…today, none of these people can stand alone and be successful. With today’s buyer more educated and self-reliant than ever, in order to effectively drive revenue you must be everywhere your target audience is, all the time. Enter marketing automation. While well known as a tool for improving sales and marketing alignment, marketing automation can also help improve efficiencies within the marketing department itself. 

Today’s buyer demands more personalized attention, and to be more personal the marketer must be more automated. In this free webinar, join Bryan Brown, Director of Product Strategy for Silverpop, as he outlines ways a marketing automation tool can help align the marketing department by automating engagement to provide this more personalized experience. 

Specific suggestions will include: 

  •  Using dynamic content to automatically populate messages with content designed to match specific interests and needs
  • Creating “if-then” message tracks, sending recipients down different paths based on their recent behaviors
  • Develop process-abandonment campaigns, targeting specific messages to people who fail to complete an action (such as completing a form or making a purchase)
  • Start tracking site visitors’ actions on your site before they opt-in, so that even your very first message to them is highly relevant
  • Deliver the optimal multichannel experience by carefully integrating your email program with your mobile, social and location-based strategies

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