Giving Today's Savvy Buyers What they Want Fresh Ideas for Microsoft Dynamics Marketers
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Silverpop Webinar, Behavior Rules

Behavior Rules - Giving Today's Savvy Buyers What they Want Fresh Ideas for Microsoft Dynamics Marketers

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Today’s buyers need marketers less. But, when they do hear from you they expect you to deliver more relevant, helpful and highly personal information than ever. There are only two ways to achieve this level of one-on-one engagement—listening to and acting on buyer behaviors and automating processes to deliver these personalized messages to the masses. In this webinar, Ellen Valentine, Silverpop’s product strategist, and Rhett Thompson, co-founder of CoreMotives, will share key insights on how delivering tailored marketing messages based on what your buyers are telling you can make a big impact on revenue. They will also share tips and techniques for keeping an eye on buyer behavior and then using that knowledge to enhance your campaigns.

Some of the specific tactics to be addressed include the following:

  • Monitoring visitor activity on your web site before they even opt in to your program, ensuring that even your very first message is highly relevant
  • Developing behavior-triggered messaging tracks that automatically nurture each prospect based on recent actions (or lack of action)
  • Dynamically changing email content based on a recent download, purchase or action
  • Managing multiple lead scoring models that showcase a prospect’s readiness to buy based on expressed and implied interest

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