Automation: Redefining Marketing's Game Plan
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Silverpop Webinar, Redefining Marketing Automation Game Plan

Automation: Redefining Marketing's Game Plan

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Marketing automation is still a bit misunderstood. Many marketers, even those who understand the promise sophisticated marketing automation tools hold, still feel a bit overwhelmed and are not using MA to its full potential. In this webinar, Forrester Research, Inc., senior analyst Rob Brosnan will share the findings of a survey conducted on behalf of Silverpop, which highlight the tremendous potential that lies ahead for marketers who learn to use marketing automation tools to improve internal efficiencies and enhance their buyers’ experience.

Specifically, the webinar will shed light on the current state of marketing automation adoption levels, how (and why) it’s not always being used to its full potential, and the powerful results being experienced by marketers who have cracked the code.

Specific recommendations that will be covered include the following:


  • Identify high-value interactions and develop related, automated response campaigns
  • Implement analytical practices at each customer touch point and apply insights into automated programs
  • Invest in developing marketing technologists
  • Nurture the marketing and IT relationship
  • Carefully examine non-technical contributors to ongoing challenges

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