Transforming Your Company Through a New Customer Journey Approach
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Transforming your company through a new customer journey approach

Transforming Your Company Through a New Customer Journey Approach

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Companies doing customer journey work develop a better understanding of their customers and see improvements in business results. But despite progress in journey initiatives, there’s still a long way to go: Only 5 percent of customer journey professionals feel they have a complete view of their customers’ journeys.

In this webinar, guest speaker and Forrester Principal Analyst Rusty Warner will join with IBM Product Marketing Manager Michael Trapani to share key findings from “The Incredible Journey: The Transformative Power of a Holistic Customer Journey Strategy,” a commissioned study by Forrester Consulting on behalf of IBM. You’ll learn how you can understand what your customers want and need, and serve them best in that context. Topics include:

  • Paying closer attention to the post-purchase customer experience
  • Designing systems of insight and engagement to better connect with prospects
  • Formalizing collaboration and knowledge sharing across roles and teams
  • Using journey data to improve the paths customers take to purchase
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