Silverpop - Why Everything You Thought You Knew About Mobile Marketing Is About to Change
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Why Everything You Thought You Knew About Mobile Marketing Is About to Change

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Consumers are on the move and eager to engage with brands that provide seamless interactions across channels and devices, but often the experience they encounter is fragmented. Successful marketers realize the buyer journey must be better integrated, but as channels continue to proliferate, it’s challenging to get the full picture of what the customer experience looks like.

Join IBM Mobile Engagement Leader Josh Rochlin as he shares tips and insights marketers can use to deliver an improved mobile experience and better incorporate mobile into their overall digital marketing efforts. Learn how to:

  • More effectively capture mobile behaviors, preferences and sentiment
  • Deliver integrated mobile experiences at every touch point
  • Engage your customers in the moment with contextually relevant interactions
  • Use the data you’ve captured to enrich the customer experience across channels
  • Influence intent in new ways in a world of interconnected devices

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