Silverpop - Back to School: Tips for Brushing Up on Your Digital Marketing Skills
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Back to School: Tips for Brushing Up on Your Digital Marketing Skills

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For many kids, September marks the beginning of a new school year. And as digital marketers, it's also a great time for us to go back to school.

But unlike the kids who lament summer's end, you should be excited about the prospect of brushing up on your education, and here's why: The digital marketing landscape is changing rapidly, with new technologies emerging and existing platforms evolving. And it can feel overwhelming unless you put a personal focus on education.

In this Silverpop webinar, Product Strategist Ellen Valentine will share her perspective on what you need to do to avoid becoming an obsolete marketer. You'll get tips for:

• Staying ahead of the digital marketing technology curve
• Keeping up with trends and best practices
• Making a name for your self at your company and beyond


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