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Closing the Loop: Improve Engagement by Intelligently Connecting Your Campaigns Across Channels


  • 2015 Benchmark Study

    Looking to improve email performance, but unsure how you compare to your peers? Without competitor data, gauging where you stand can be difficult. With the exclu[...]

  • Prospective customers are more difficult to entice than ever, and retaining them is equally challenging. With contacts increasingly seeking a seamless experience across a compan[...]

  • Although most marketers understand the importance of the email and social channels, leveraging the combined forces of the two remains challenging, with the lack [...]



    Expert Library

    Take your marketing to the next level with these free resources including eBooks, white papers, webinars and more.


    ROI Calculator

    Want to get more out of your marketing efforts?  Leverage our ROI calculator to see how you could leverage Silverpop to help maximize your marketing effectiveness.



    From our own Digital Marketing University tour to national events, see where we’ll be next.


  • Jason Brett, Loren McDonald, Silverpop

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