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CoreMotives Nurture Marketing

CoreMotives Nurture Marketing

Nurture marketing programs are easy to build with CoreMotives’ intuitive interface.

With CoreMotives, it's simple to begin leveraging the behaviors and interactions of your prospects and customers in order to maximize campaign effectiveness and drive revenue with CoreMotives' nurture marketing feature. With an easy-to-build nurture builder CoreMotives allows you to effectively manage and nurture leads and contacts, maximizing your marketing budget and growing your revenue. 

Ad Hoc and Recurring Programs - CoreMotives offers two types of nurture tracks to marketers. Ad hoc tracks can be used by sales and marketing to manually add a lead or contact into a program when appropriate, directly from the lead or contact record in CRM. Recurring tracks happen at a regular interval that is set by the marketer (daily, weekly, etc.) and continually scans the database for leads or contacts that meet the entry criteria. In recurring tracks, leads and contacts are automatically added to campaigns without any human interaction. 

Nurture Track Definitions vs. Instances - Keep your nurtures organized by having one folder for nurture tracks that are in design, versus those that are already built and live. Nurture Track Definitions allows you to easily access and refer to tracks that are not yet live. Nurture Track Instances gives you full visibility into the status of a live and active track, when it was last run, and its progress to date. 

Unlimited Number of Tracks - There is no limit to the number of recurring tracks that you can have running within CoreMotives' nurture marketing tool. Additionally, there is no limit to the number of records that you can add to your nurture tracks at a given time.

CoreMotives Nurture Marketing 


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