Automate your marketing campaigns and nurture potential leads

Automate personalised interactions at scale and deliver meaningful and highly relevant messaging along every step in the customer lifecycle.

Understanding prospect behaviour and scoring on that behaviour ensures that quality leads make it to your sales team at the right time. As a marketer, we know that you're continually expected to do more with less, so let IBM Marketing Cloud automate your business processes to qualify leads, shorten sales cycles and demonstrate marketing’s impact on revenue.

Watch our marketing automation video demo and let Wendy teach you how she was able to deliver meaningful prospect interactions through automated marketing with IBM Marketing Cloud. Our Demo will also share how you can begin to:

  • Personalise multi-channel, automated interactions, allowing you to be relevant in real-time.
  • Deliver highly personalised experiences through all channels
  • Capture more behaviours from more sources
  • Leverage those behaviours to automate highly personalised interactions at scale
  • Allow marketers to seamlessly integrate with best-in-breed technology solutions

Trusted by some of the world's leading brands, such as, PaperStyle, Caffe Nero, Studio Moderna, Freesat, Payoneer, Thai Airways