5 Smart Ways to Build a Behaviour Driven Data Enriched Customer Experience

Are you engaging customers (and future customers) where, when and how it's most convenient to them? With so many unique buyer journeys to account for and cross-channel data siloed across your organisation, shifting to a seamless, customer-centric marketing approach can be a daunting task – but with contacts increasingly in control of these journeys, an essential one.

Join IBM Strategic Marketing Evangelist Ellen Valentine and IBM Portfolio Marketing Leader Anitha Gopinathan as they discuss how you can build your marketing approach around customer behaviours, integrate and act on data from across channels, and deliver a more satisfying experience throughout the customer journey. Get tips for:

  • Shifting your approach to a more customer-centric model
  • dentifying and capturing the critical cross-channel data you need
  • Employing behaviours to drive better experiences across each buyer journey stage
  • Using real-world success stories to fuel big results for your company