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Marketing in the Media & Publishing Industry: Prove Relevancy and Gain Loyalty

Expanding your audience is important, especially in media & publishing. Growing your base requires marketing tools that help build a consistent relationship with your customer. With IBM Marketing Cloud, you can learn how to target and segment, enabling you to categorize and specify customers—whether based on behaviors, interactions or time. Demonstrate relevance by knowing who to focus on, and which particular product and service is of the most interest to them. Then deliver with the most tactical execution of the message itself.

Publishers and major players in the media industry, like Bonnier and Conde Nast, utilize marketing tools from IBM Marketing Cloud to:

  • Grow readership and improve reader loyalty
  • More effectively target and segment audience
  • Drive more relevant content and reader engagement
  • Ensure content is delivered
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Subscription-free satellite TV company grows customer database by 447 percent in 18 months

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