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Friday 31st March

Tate Modern

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Survival Of The Quickest

Brands are not only competing against each other's capabilities in 2017, but also against speed. The importance placed on brands building long term loyalty with their customers has now been over taken by the requirement to be the quickest and pay attention to the trends which are capturing consumer’s attentions.

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IBM Watson Marketing, would like to invite you to our Evangelist Breakfast Briefing in London on 31st March for a morning of networking with like-minded industry peers and insight into the trends and challenges facing marketers in 2017.

The Breakfast Briefing will include hearing from Jeremy Waite (IBM Marketing Evangelist), who will challenge the growing issues surrounding data and how brands can utilise their data to target customers at the right time.

There will be discussions from other IBM experts about the technologies and the trends to help brands reach customers quickly and effectively, thus giving them back a competitive advantage.


8:30 AM Registration and Breakfast
09:15 AM Survival Of The Quickest
10:00 AM Unleash The Power Of Cognitive Technology
10:30 AM Customer Behaviour And The Weather
11:00 AM Networking
Survival Of The Quickest

Jeremy Waite will discuss why the market is now ‘Survival Of The Quickest’ and why consumers don’t love brands anymore…or do they? As there are 10,000 tweets generated per second, and there is more data available now than there ever has been before; how can brands harness this new intelligence to create thumb stopping moments and connect again with their customers?

Unleash The Power Of Cognitive Technology

Cognitive technology allows marketers to gain deeper customer connections, grow brand value and fuel strategic growth. Illuminating new insights from data that others can't even see helps every campaign become stronger and more successful - for all customers and across every channel. In this session you will hear how brands have unlocked the meaning behind their data, to automate action to deliver relevant, successful and exceptional customer experiences..


Jeremy Waite

Jeremy Waite
Marketing Evangelist
IBM Watson Marketing

Martin Meyer-Gossner

Ross Webster
Global Client Solutions
The Weather Channel - IBM Watson

Neelam Kharay

Neelam Kharay
Customer Experience Analytics SME
IBM Watson Marketing