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Silverpop Ecommerce Optimization Package

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Drive Engagement Using Buyer Behavior and RFM Analysis

Do you know who your best customers are? What about underperforming customers? Can you identify which customers buy often but spend very little? Do you know which customers you’ve lost, or are about to lose?

Experienced digital marketers are leveraging RFM Analysis (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) to discover optimal segments and untapped opportunities within their multichannel marketing programs. Marketers who embrace RFM routinely see revenue and conversions increase substantially when compared to the status quo.

With Silverpop’s Ecommerce Optimization Package, you’ll get the benefit of both insight AND the ability to take action on key ecommerce data such as purchases, buyer demographics, product selections and engagement metrics.


With the Ecommerce Optimization Package, your entire ecommerce customer database is segmented using RFM and engagement metrics. Further, your email metrics and purchase data are combined to create attribution reporting that displays direct and Engagement Insights Screen Capture 1influenced revenue for your programs. You can review revenue across individual mailings or across entire automated email programs to compare and improve strategies.


Now take action with those insights by building campaigns with the engagement segments developed through the Ecommerce Optimization Package. Develop automated one-to-one campaigns that engage your most loyal customers through Loyalty or Rewards programs; or move first time buyers to repurchase; or re-engage customers before they become inactive. Now that you know how your buyers are engaging with you, create numerous post purchase campaigns to increase AOV and LTV.


With the Ecommerce Optimization Package, you can prove the ROI of your email program(s) in relation to other digital channels as well as monitor changes in short-term and long-term performance at the individual contact and aggregate level. These reports come with out-of-the-box KPIs but are flexible enough for you to customize with your own metric criteria.


With our Ecommerce Optimization Package, you get our ecommerce data connector which formats your RFM data for your entire ecommerce customer database and drops it into the Silverpop Marketing Database; which then automatically creates segments for targeted analysis and marketing. You can monitor results of your campaigns over time, then tweak the campaigns to improve your results.

With our Ecommerce Optimization Package, it’s easy to get your ecommerce data into the Silverpop Marketing Database. Our ecommerce data connector will start pulling customer purchase records from your ecommerce system, analyze them, and then upload the customer information directly to Silverpop. We’ll automatically populate your Silverpop database with highly targeted customer segments in addition to custom fields containing purchase-history data related to each customer, so you can send the right communication, at the right time, to the right customers.

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