Join Us for Silverpop's 2015 Digital Marketing University!

Up to 90% of the buying process can happen before a buyer ever interacts with your brand directly. Clearly, consumers are more in control of the buying process than ever before. Such an empowered buyer requires an equally empowered marketer who can orchestrate an engaging, customized and relevant buying experience across multiple channels and devices.

In this half-day deep dive into all aspects of digital marketing we'll show you how you can bring the customer journey to the center of your efforts – increasing effectiveness, encouraging customer loyalty and driving revenue.

Why Attend?

Learn How to Drive More Engagement and Revenue: Discover new digital marketing strategies and tactics that drive more rewarding customer interactions and boost revenue.

Gain Technological Know-How: Learn how you can leverage the latest marketing automation technologies to deliver the right content, to the right person, in real time.

Learn from Real-World Scenarios: Hear success stories from marketers at the top of their industry and get the inside scoop on how they made it happen.

Develop a Plan for Success: Get ideas for creating a comprehensive road map for digital marketing success in the year ahead.




Washington D.C.

San Francisco