IBM Marketing Cloud - Countrywide Case Study
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Delivering highly relevant emails, closely aligned with the customer journey, enables Countrywide to increase email open rates by 120%.

Behavioral data is key to taking email activities to the next level. As awareness grows about the effectiveness of using the IBM Marketing Cloud platform to generate personalized emails powered by dynamic content, email will become an increasingly important lead generation tool across the organization. Not only that, the behavioral data will be key in allowing us to access audience sub-segments that were not available or difficult to find before, such as landlords.

Warren Wilson, Head of Relationship Marketing, Countrywide

The Journey to Greater Personalization

Countrywide has millions of customer records spread across multiple databases for different lines of business, which makes efficient customer data management difficult. In addition, until recently the quality of the company’s customer data wasn’t always optimal. That’s why, before Countrywide implemented IBM Marketing Cloud, marketing campaigns involved the mass emailing of PDF documents to customers to maximize total reach. Naturally, this resulted in significant wastage because individual customers, who didn’t feel their needs or interests were being addressed, wouldn’t open or click the emails.

To address this issue, the company decided in 2013 that it needed enhanced mail functionality to help it address target audiences in a more personalized, sophisticated way.


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