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Big Scary Cranium

Drives 300% ROI for Client Alliance Bus Group

IBM Marketing Cloud is the digital marketing technology that is best equipped to handle vast amounts of customer and prospect’s important to have a tool that is well-positioned to grow with the marketplace. IBM Marketing Cloud also offers flexibility and versatility for a wide variety of client-types, making it an ideal solution for an agency.

Rich Wilson, President, Big Scary Cranium

About Big Scary Cranium

Big Scary Cranium is a small digital marketing agency based in Atlanta, Ga. focused on combining big agency strategy and creative services with robust marketing technology and operational capabilities. 

The agency specifically pays attention to the buying cycle, whether a traditional B2B purchase or a long-cycle B2C purchase. By combining the team’s creative expertise with proficiency in IBM Marketing Cloud’s marketing automation technology, the Big Scary Cranium team is able to effectively help its clients deliver extremely relevant information to their own customers at every stage of the buying cycle – generating demonstrable marketing ROI. 

IBM Marketing Cloud and Big Scary Cranium

On behalf of its clients, Big Scary Cranium uses IBM Marketing Cloud’s advanced marketing automation capabilities and the product’s ability to act on virtually any customer or prospect data point. Because the team at Big Scary Cranium focuses heavily on content marketing, IBM Marketing Cloud’s ability to tie customer and prospect data to specific pieces of content is a key differentiator. The robust nature of the platform allows for the delivery of truly one-to-one messages targeted to when and where the recipient is most engaged.  


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