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Advanced Micro Devices

Chooses IBM Marketing Cloud for Strong Marketing Automation Features, Central Marketing Database 

With the evolving landscape of how enterprises communicate with their customer base, we look forward to leveraging some of the features IBM Marketing Cloud has to offer to personalize, optimize and enhance the quality of the user experience.

Aqif Hassen, Senior Manager of Digital Marketing Operations, AMD

Switching Providers

Because the marketing team is responsible for a variety of areas, including services for both the company’s corporate headquarters and regional offices, OEMs and its partner network, the team works with a very vast, global database.   

Why IBM Marketing Cloud

Because of its large, global database structure, the AMD marketing team sought a technology partner that provided a central marketing database where it would be simple to deploy a variety of digital marketing, behavior-driven campaigns. 

During their extensive search for a new digital marketing platform, the team was particularly drawn to IBM Marketing Cloud’s unique features including Send Time Optimization and automated A/B testing, as well as the product’s reasonable price point.


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