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Expected behavior during Engage scheduled maintenance

Recipient Actions/Tracking:

The following actions made by mailing recipients will still function during scheduled maintenance:  


Tracking which recipients opened a particular mailing will continue to be tracked.


Tracking which recipients clicked on a particular link in an email message will continue to be tracked.


Tracking the sequence of links a recipient clicked on while browsing a website or series of websites will continue to function.


Conversion Tracking will continue to function during system maintenance.  For example, tracking which recipients purchased, downloaded, or scheduled an appointment etc. will continue to function. 

One-click opt-outs:

Recipients will still be able to opt-out of email communication.

Landing page sites, and web forms:

Recipient activity on landing pages and web forms will continue to be tracked.



Personalized Clickthroughs:

Personalized Clickthroughs do not work while in downtime mode.  If a Personalized Clickthrough link is clicked, then the target URL is returned with the personalization tokens stripped out.

Landing Page Personalization:

If a landing page uses personalization, the default values defined for a field, if present, will be pulled from the list and displayed during this time.

Web Form Lookup:

If a web form requires lookup of recipient information,  a message will be displayed indicating the system is temporarily unavailable.

Click to View Link:

The Click to View link contained in mailings will display a maintenance page indicating we are currently undergoing system maintenance.   Click to View links give mailing recipients the ability to click a hyperlink to view the message content in their browser window.

Mail Sending & Data Jobs:

  • Sending and data jobs typically do not run during downtime.
  • Send Time Optimization (STO) Mailings that were in progress before the Maintenance Window will send once the system maintenance is complete.
  • Mailings that were due to send during the MW will send once the system maintenance is complete.

Engage XMLAPI:
An XML response is returned informing the caller that the system is in downtime mode. If the caller receives something other than the example below please contact support.

XMLAPI Downtime Response:









      <FaultString><![CDATA[The system is currently down for maintenance.]]</FaultString>  












While Engage is undergoing system maintenance, Engage system users will not be able to log into Survey and a downtime page will be displayed until maintenance has ended.   Survey recipients will still be able to complete surveys however; personalization will not work while the system is undergoing maintenance. 

The following features are typically are not impacted by scheduled maintenance unless explicitly stated:

While Transact is undergoing system maintenance, we capture all received messages and store them until the application comes back online.  Unless the following has been set in the callers XML Submission Document:


A caller can tell that a message has been received and stored by the system for later send by examining the SEND_STATUS tag contained in the Response Document following a Transact XML submission.   The SEND_STATUS tag will contain the value of "2" which means: "request received; send cached for later send." 

Note:  If the caller receives something other than the example above ("2") please contact support.

0 - no errors encountered during the send.
1 - error encountered during the send, send will not be retried.
2 - request received; send cached for later send. 

While Engage is undergoing system maintenance, CRMi will not process any requests.  Syncing will resume where it left off, and no data will be lost, once the system comes back online.  Users will not receive an error message or any other indication that CRMi is not syncing.

  • Send from CRM uses the XML API.  Users will receive the maintenance message back from the API and not be able to perform the send.
  • Contact Insight within SFDC should display the maintenance page.

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