A Message From Bill Nussey

May 12, 2014

Today marks a huge milestone in Silverpop history: the official closing of our agreement with IBM to combine our companies. In my 13 years at Silverpop, we’ve achieved many milestones I’m proud of, but I can unequivocally say I’ve never been more excited about the future of the company than I am today.

From the moment we first sat down with IBM to discuss a potential partnership, it was clear that we shared the same core DNA. We both believe in innovation, not as a means to an end but as a way to improve the way people live and work. Our values are amazingly aligned when it comes to the way we do business with clients, partners and fellow team members. And we both believe that the future of marketing lies in understanding customers as individuals and using this knowledge to deliver amazing customer experiences.

For these reasons and many others, we’re looking forward to working with the folks at IBM to hammer out our road map. My colleagues and I are excited about tapping IBM’s vast resources and partner ecosystem to further strengthen our commitment to providing a best-in-class behavioral marketing platform that enables companies of all sizes to build one-to-one relationships with their customers.

As I explained to our clients at our Amplify 2014 conference last week, we’ll be laser-focused on three areas going forward:

1) Simplifying the Path to Success

One of our ongoing missions is to seamlessly fuse features, services, partners and training into a single marketing solution. To that end, we’ll continue to work to develop easy, low-risk, packaged solutions – such as our recently released Marketing Automation for Ecommerce offering – that make it simpler for marketers to create sophisticated programs that drive a better return on relationship.

2) Connecting to Everything

Today’s customers and prospects are interacting with businesses across more channels and devices that at any time in the history of marketing. As a result, marketers have a terrific opportunity to build a richer set of data about these individuals that at any other time.

That’s why we’re working with partners, both internal and external, to enable our clients to capture EVERY customer touch point, both online and offline. Put another way, we want to give marketers the tools they need to drive engagement across every channel, device and physical location. You’ve already seen some of the results of this thinking in features like Universal Behaviors and Mobile Connector, and there are many new enhancements in the works. 

3) Automating Personal Experiences

Today’s more sophisticated, plugged-in customers require marketers to look at them as more than audiences or segments. Regardless of what they’re buying, they want businesses to provide truly unique journeys for them. With that in mind, our vision is for Silverpop to automatically determine the best experience for each customer and make it one-click easy for marketers to deliver this experience.

As part of this vision, we’ve developed a flexible behavioral marketing database that allows marketers to take the data they’re pulling in from actions across websites, emails, mobile apps, call centers, POS, and even car navigation systems and wearables, and then use this data to power real-time, personalized interactions in whatever medium delivers the most enriching experience for the customer.

The Future
Today, we’re incredibly excited to become a part of IBM’s 100-plus-year history of technological innovation. During my tenure at Silverpop, we’ve been honored to help thousands of digital marketers enhance their marketing programs in groundbreaking ways, and we look forward to continuing to reimagine the ways organizations and their customers interact, providing more value for each in the process.


Bill Nussey