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Why Use RSS at All?

Bill Nussey, Silverpop
by: Bill Nussey (@bnussey)
02 June 2005

We've started using RSS internally to distribute notices and information. A colleague asked me a great question: Why use RSS at all? Not everyone has an RSS reader (we've since fixed that), and it's just as easy to distribute the same information via email.

Good question.

I thought about it. I didn't want to be caught up in all the hype surrounding blogs and RSS, only to find I'd been following blindly along. However, after quick reflection, several compelling reasons for using RSS became clear:

You can easily retain and look up old "messages" on the "blog" site (e.g. new employee or someone who doesn't keep old messages stored in folders).

"Messages" can be categorized, and thus pretty easily filtered.

We should all be learning about RSS because it is the future.

Readers can comment on the RSS posts. With email, it would get ugly if everyone used "reply to all" every time.

RSS will be built into Microsoft Outlook and every other internet tool in the future. So the extra trouble now will become nil over time.

The bottom line: For certain kinds of communications, RSS is a slightly better mechanism than email for information distribution.




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