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Welcome to My Blog

by: Admin (@)
17 September 2004

For those of you that don't know me, I have to state upfront that I am passionate about technology, communications and marketing. The world around us is changing so dramatically and so quickly, many people just see it as a blur and choose to tune it out. However, for those of us that make our living as marketers, these changes not only represent the greatest opportunities we've seen in decades, they also represent serious threats to our existing businesses if we fail to take these changes into account.

I spent the last 12 months writing a book on these topics titled, The Quiet Revolution in Email Marketing. This book was born out of the countless lessons learned from my colleagues and clients. When I started this project, I was concerned that there might not be enough to fill an entire book. By the time I was three-quarters through, I decided to cut the project in half because the topics were so broad. Now that I am done, it is imminently clear that the book barely scratches the surface of the amazing challenges and opportunities we are all facing as online marketers.

As a true believer in online communications, this blog is an obvious and natural mechanism to extend the book. It will allow us to have a truly interactive forum for the original set of issues laid out in the book, not to mention the platform it will create for the new issues that are emerging daily. I truly hope that you find this forum valuable and I encourage all the feedback, comments and questions you can send my way.

So, stick around. I look forward to sharing this forum with all of you.




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