Silverpop - Using Email to Increase ROI of Search PPC and SEO
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Using Email to Increase ROI of Search PPC and SEO

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by: Loren McDonald (@LorenMcDonald)
25 July 2008

If you are like many BtoB marketers, search pay per click (PPC) programs like Google AdWords are a significant part of your marketing budget.

BtoB marketers with an annual budget of $1.2 million spend roughly 10 percent on search PPC advertising and about one percent on SEO, MarketingSherpa says. Many high-tech companies or those with short sales cycles might spend 20 percent to 40 percent or more.

No matter how much you spend on PPC or SEO, you can extend your ROI significantly when you incorporate email.

On the PPC side, you are likely converting two to five percent of your PPC clicks. That means 95+ of every 100 site visitors are not taking the primary action you want.

Some are interested but just not ready to buy, download, or sign up. Invite them into a secondary relationship by opting in to your email program. This can open the door to conversion farther down the funnel.

Say 20 of every 95 non-clickers signs up for your email program before bouncing away. With careful nurturing via email drip campaigns, newsletters and trigger-based emails, you might convert another two to five from that original group. Now, you've doubled your ROI from that first group of 100 site visitors without spending another PPC penny, or diverting email budget.

Integrating email with search can also help you grow your email database and allow you to redirect list-growth dollars toward other email marketing resources.

Key to these efforts is a landing page that balances two objectives: to direct visitors to take your primary action first, and then to show a clear value proposition for your email program that doesn't overshadow your primary action.

Email Boosts SEO Results, Too

If you publish content-rich newsletters that mix news and advice while promoting your brand or solutions, optimizing the email content to target your important keywords or phrases and then archiving this content on your site can help you rank higher on search engines and generate traffic for years through organic searches.

Optimize article URLs, title tags and links to reflect your targeted keywords. Incorporate crosslinks to related articles on your site, and link previous articles and newsletters to your freshly posted content.

Now, you can reallocate some PPC funds being spent on keywords that naturally rank high, driving more traffic, leads and conversions without spending more money.

Email and search – a natural combination!




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