Silverpop - Pontiflex Guest Blog: Top 3 Mobile Advertising Tips for Marketers
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Pontiflex Guest Blog: Top 3 Mobile Advertising Tips for Marketers

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by: Will Schnabel (@wschnabel)
21 June 2012

This month, we’re excited to have a blog contributed by Jordan Cohen, the vice president of business development for Pontiflex, a Silverpop partner. Pontiflex powers AdLeads, a mobile sign-up ad platform that enables marketers to advertise on iPhone, iPad and Android apps and get new customers for their businesses. In this post, Jordan offers up his thoughts on the rise of mobile advertising and his top three tips for marketers.

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Last year was the first year that smartphone shipments exceeded those of PCs. Marketers are taking notice, with mobile advertising spending forecast to grow 85 percent in 2012, from $6.3 billion to $11.6 billion.

Digital marketers are benefiting from the rapid adoption of smartphones on a number of fronts. Mobile email viewing is skyrocketing, according to a recent ReturnPath study. And smartphones are also enabling email marketers to acquire new subscribers anytime, anywhere. Silverpop’s own Loren McDonald penned a great blog post highlighting several examples of enabling opt-ins “where your customers are” that leverage mobile, from QR codes and SMS-based solutions to opportunities presented by apps.

I’d like to hone in on that last one — mobile apps. Nearly twice as many ad dollars are being directed toward in-app display ads than mobile Web ads. Why? Because people are spending 37 percent more time on mobile apps than they are with the mobile Web. If you want to market effectively to smartphone users, you have to have a strategy for advertising effectively within mobile apps.

With that, here are my top 3 tips for marketers considering in-app mobile advertising:

1) Focus on the user experience. In-app smartphone advertising is different than desktop website advertising, and old-school ad models like cost-per-click banner ads translate horribly to the handheld. Almost half of clicks on these types of ads are accidental, resulting in waste for advertisers and, worse yet, annoyance to the very consumers they’re aimed at.

In-app ads should flow naturally with the user experience. For example, ads should be served in between game levels, not during gameplay itself. They should enable the user to interact with the ad without leaving the app they’re using (most of those annoying accidental banner clicks force users to launch a mobile web browser and leave the app).

2) Make responding easy. Consumers expect and demand simplicity from mobile advertising. Overcomplicate things, and they’ll tune you out (they’ll tap you out, actually). Mobile ads should have a clear call-to-action and require minimal effort on the part of the user when it comes to taking that action. Opt-in forms that only ask users to provide their email addresses and ZIP codes are much more likely to be completed than forms asking users to report an extensive array of marketing preferences. Less is more when it comes to mobile.

3) Have a mobile sales funnel strategy. In-app ads are part of your top-of-the-funnel marketing efforts — getting your brand and products out in front of people and attracting potential customers. Once you’ve succeeded with your ads, it’s imperative to have a cohesive strategy for bringing new prospects down through the funnel to the points of conversion, loyalty/repeat buying, and ultimately social influence.

All touchpoints should be optimized for mobile — from mobile-optimized email templates and landing pages to mobile social-sharing functionality, eliminating friction points every step of the way and making it as easy as possible to achieve your core objective: making the sale.

Smartphones present marketers with an unprecedented opportunity to connect with consumers around the globe, but the opportunity must be approached methodically and with utmost respect for the nuances of this new and exciting channel. Those who prioritize creating great customer experiences will continue to be the most well positioned to succeed!

For more information and to receive a free $75 ad credit toward your first mobile campaign, visit

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