Silverpop - My Top 5 Favorite Silverpop Customer Stories of 2011
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My Top 5 Favorite Silverpop Customer Stories of 2011

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by: Karen Marchione (@kmarchione)
15 December 2011

From providing developing nations with safe drinking water to crafting complex social campaigns, our clients were no strangers to success in 2011. We’re always excited about our customers meeting their goals with the help of our products, and this year they achieved some incredible results. Here are five of my favorite customer stories from 2011:

1) Moosejaw
This is a very cool and irreverent brand that offers products from leading outdoor manufacturers and serves a diverse customer base. I consider myself a fairly outdoorsy person, so I very much look forward to receiving email from Moosejaw, but I especially enjoy their messages because they’re really amusing. For example, a few of their emails have included subject lines such as “Our Most Confusing Giveaway Event” and “Moosejaw Pancake Sale.”

Moosejaw has no issues with trying out new approaches and is always testing, testing, testing to get the right message to its target audience. By running subject line tests comparing equally sized database segments, Moosejaw learned that its subscribers are more likely to engage with emails that have subject lines based on Moosejaw’s “Madness” brand voice. These emails tallied a 32 percent increase in open rates and 16 percent higher click-through rates versus messages with subject lines related to various product offerings or discounts. (Read more about Moosejaw’s impressive results.)

2) charity: water
Silverpop focuses a lot of our community efforts on charity: water because we really believe in its cause of bringing drinking water to developing nations. It’s unusual for a charity to find a way to be completely accountable for its donations, and charity: water went the extra mile in providing donors with detailed information on the sites where its water projects take place. Working with Silverpop's Product Consulting team, it used relational tables to populate emails with personalized information, such as pictures of the site and the people it was helping, on how each donor's donation was being used. Open, click-through and social-sharing rates were tremendous. (Learn more about how charity: water achieved such amazing personalization.)

3) National Society of Collegiate Scholars
More than 300 chapter leaders. Over 800,000 members. And a mandate to get a more streamlined communication system in place as quickly as possible. It sounded daunting, but with the help of Silverpop, the National Society of Collegiate Scholars—an honor society that engages high-achieving first- and second-year students in the top 20 percent of their class—succeeded in revamping its marketing strategy to facilitate communication with its active and prospective members and automate member acquisition in a short period of time. By adopting integration and our Programs functionality, it was able to automate messaging and make communication among members and chapter leaders easier, saving up to a day's worth of effort per chapter each month. (Find out more about how NSCS streamlined its communication.)

4) Dairy Queen
Being a native New Englander, I absolutely love ice cream (who doesn’t?) so I may be a little biased, but I really like the respect Dairy Queen shows to its Blizzard® Fan Club members—not to mention how it leveraged social media to increase the size of its loyalty program by 300,000 in one month this year. Dairy Queen wanted to better target its subscribers and grow its Blizzard(R) Fan Club by creating a series of campaigns focused on growing its loyalty program, gathering data about new members and driving them into its more than 5,000 stores. In less than nine months, the Blizzard Fan Club grew 30 percent. (Read more on how ADQ leveraged Silverpop’s Share-to-Social capability to achieve these results.)

5) Thai Airways
In the case of this airline, which flies to more than 70 destinations worldwide from its home base in Bangkok, the challenge was to build a more robust database that would enable it to send more relevant emails. So, it tied its 50th anniversary to a creative email campaign that used a free trip promotion to entice customers to update their information, resulting in more than one in five contacts providing additional data that Thai Airways used for personalizing future messages. In addition, the social sharing aspect of the 50th Anniversary campaign had great results—1.5 million Facebook impressions and thousands of new contacts signing up for its email program. (Discover more about how Thai Airways pulled it off.)

With so many amazing success stories in 2011, I can’t wait to see what next year will bring. Please visit our case study page to read more stories of how clients have reached their goals with the help of Silverpop.


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