Silverpop - Top 10 Reasons Silverpop’s 2011 Client Summit Will Rock Your World
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Top 10 Reasons Silverpop’s 2011 Client Summit Will Rock Your World

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by: Loren McDonald (@LorenMcDonald)
13 April 2011

Following the release of our “official” Top 10 list of reasons to attend the 2011 Client Summit, I couldn’t help but attempt to channel my inner David Letterman with my own version. I think these are the 10 reasons Silverpop’s 2011 Client Summit will rock your world:

10) Watch me show you how to become an old, bald and overweight email marketing rock star.

In addition, I plan to dazzle crowds at my “Building Your Personal Brand: How to Become an Email Marketing Pop Star” session, in which I’ll don big hair, eyeliner and platforms while outlining several steps to help you on your way to email rock star status.

9) Listen to best-selling author Stephen Dubner unveil economic connections between the decline of spandex in rock music, today’s mortgage crisis and decreasing email open rates.

As an added bonus, the “Freakonomics” author will deliver a whole batch of interesting nuggets during his keynote address Wednesday morning.

8.) Meet “tell-it-like-it-is” email columnist Ken Magill and live to tell about it.

After attending Ken’s panel about educating company executives about email’s value and role in meeting corporate objectives, you’ll be better positioned to explain the power of email marketing to the C-Suite.

7) Create Coca Cola's latest hit beverage, an enticing mix of Mello Yello, POWERADE, MinuteMaid Orange Juice and Bacardi.

If that concoction isn’t your cup of tea, no worries—at our Wednesday night event, you’ll have four hours to mingle at the World of Coke, mixing and tasting beverages and networking with Silverpoppers and fellow marketers.

6) See which clients win the award for “Best High School Photo” and “Most Likely to Succeed.”

This year’s first-ever Pop Star Awards will recognize the clients with the best email program ROI, best email creative, best use of social media in email, and more.

5) See Top Chef All Stars winner and mad professor Richard Blais reveal his latest mouth-watering concoction.

With or without liquid nitrogen, Richard will be whipping up a tasty menu for the evening and providing cooking demonstrations during the World of Coke event.

4) Check in on FourSquare, and you might win VIP swag and a backstage pass—minus the smoky venues and sketchy hangers-on.

Silverpop will demo many new social features at the Client Summit. Check in at our event—and check out all the cool prizes you can win.

3) See how Gary Vaynerchuk reacts when he tastes the latest cheap wine.

Besides espousing his wisdom on all things wine, social media and email, Gary will be delivering the keynote address on day two of our client summit, which will be followed by a book signing of Gary’s latest best-seller, “The Thank You Economy.”

2) Relive your mullet days and bang your head to the sounds of Motley Crue—burgundy lips optional.

Attend our after party, show off your best air guitar moves and let loose with hair metal cover band Girlz, Girlz, Girlz.

1) Watch Silverpop CEO Bill Nussey give his keynote speech while riding a unicycle and juggling.

At the 2010 Client Summit Bill told a great story about the future of email marketing and marketing automation through a fable about relevancy. So while he probably won’t be riding any unicycles during this year’s proceedings (though we’ll do our best to convince him to juggle), you don’t need to be a wizard to foresee that the 2011 summit will feature more exciting insights and announcements from Bill.

Intrigued? Get more info on Silverpop's 2011 Client Summit.




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