Silverpop - The Six Levels of Content Relevance
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The Six Levels of Content Relevance

Bill Nussey, Silverpop
by: Bill Nussey (@bnussey)
09 October 2007

I always like simple but insightful models, so I made a note to share one of the better examples I've seen recently. Skip Fidura, who manages OgilvyOne Worldwide's email marketing department in London, presented at Silverpop's customer conference in London last week. One of his many good slides included a pyramid with the six levels of relevance. You'll have to imagine the graphic, but here are the six levels from the bottom up: Offer, Profile, Affinity, Collaborative, Expressed and Behavioral.

Skip pointed out that many marketers debate whether expressed preferences or behavioral targeting are a more accurate way to drive relevance. I happen to agree with his ranking, but it is a good point.

Another interesting note from his presentation was based on what I believe to be Ogilvy research: Who you market to is 50 percent more important than Where, When and What you market. Noodle on that for a while...


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