Silverpop - The Security of Customer Data has Become the Defining Issue for our Industry
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The Security of Customer Data has Become the Defining Issue for our Industry

Bill Nussey, Silverpop
by: Bill Nussey (@bnussey)
03 April 2011

Over the last two weeks a number of email service providers and their customers have announced that their systems were compromised and data was stolen. The security of customer data has quickly risen to become the most important issue facing our industry.

Back in 2010, Silverpop and a small number of our clients faced similar challenges ourselves. We learned firsthand about the new types of security threats facing all software companies. Over the last four months, we have taken that knowledge and aggressively implemented a range of additional solutions designed to specifically address these new and emerging threats. We have also worked with our customers to educate them on securing their own data and the marketing programs we help them with. Fortunately, we believe our efforts have been successful and we have avoided any additional incidents like 2010. In the coming weeks, we will be sharing some of the details behind a major software update we released last week. Among other things, it contains a new suite of security enhancements that make our customers’ data more secure than ever before.

While we continue to work behind the scenes with law enforcement, a select set of peers and a myriad of third party security experts, I want to extend an offer to collaborate with any of our peers to work together and improve our industry as a whole. Our industry is not the first to deal with determined foes that seek to leverage our customers’ trust for their own gain. But, it is definitely our time in the spotlight right now and I look forward to working together to meet the challenges we face together.


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