Silverpop - The DMA's Annual Catalog Conference
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The DMA's Annual Catalog Conference

Bill Nussey, Silverpop
by: Bill Nussey (@bnussey)
26 May 2005

The day after Silverpop's customer conference, I headed down to Orlando for the Direct Marketing Association's Annual Catalog Conference. The decades-old DMA conference is the ultimate gathering of direct marketers and catalog retailers. The first day was filled with "intensives" -- day-long sets of sessions covering specific topics such as email (yes, I was there), creative design, small business catalogs and more. The second and third days were filled with more general and diverse topics.

I kicked off the first session of the email intensive by announcing the results of our retail and catalog email marketing practices survey. (I'll write more about it in my next blog entry.) Our room was packed, and I could see lots of heads nodding as I went through some of the best and worst of catalog email practices. Later sessions covered topics such as co-registration, acquisition vs retention and multi-channel marketing. However, no one packed the room more tightly than my colleague, Elaine O'Gorman. People literally stood in the door for her presentation titled, "Core Concepts in Email." My hat is off to Elaine for transforming the block-and-tackle of email into an entertaining and jam-packed information delivery session.




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