Silverpop - Taking BtoB Email to the Next Level
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Taking BtoB Email to the Next Level

Bill Nussey, Silverpop
by: Bill Nussey (@bnussey)
27 February 2007

For years, BtoB email marketing has lived in the shadow of its larger sibling, BtoC email marketing. The volumes traditionally have been smaller, and the sales process usually more complex, so it can be tough to measure an ROI directly from an email.

One of the best BtoB marketing companies out there is Texas Instruments. MarketingSherpa recently did a great case study of how TI consolidated its databases and centralized its global email marketing under the guidance of Email Marketing Manager Leona Green. We've had the privilege of working with Leona and her team for years, and MarketingSherpa did a great job capturing their challenges and successes.

With leaders like TI, I believe BtoB email marketing has the potential to become one of the "big new things" in online marketing in the coming years.




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