Silverpop - Start Your Email Program Over from Scratch? I Dare You!
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Start Your Email Program Over from Scratch? I Dare You!

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by: Loren McDonald (@LorenMcDonald)
21 October 2008

The Email Experience Council (eec), an email-industry trade and education organization, has a great series of blog entries called "Double Dog Dares" that challenge marketers to break away from business as usual and try something fresh and new.

I dared marketers recently to blow up their email programs and start over from scratch. Okay, not to throw out the whole program, but to write down what they would stop doing out of habit or because everybody else is doing it, and what they would start doing if they had the budget, resources and support from management.

Want to take my challenge? Think how you would change the way you work on these issues:

  • List growth
  • List churn and inactivity
  • Design and format
  • Welcome program
  • Message type
  • Batch-and-blast vs. targeted emails
  • Metrics
  • Incentives
  • Preference centers
For more details on this Double Dog Dare, check out my blog post here.

Even if you can't throw out your whole email program and start over, is there one change you could make right now in your email program? Tell me what it is in the comments section below.




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